Q1: How does the Whispi work?
A: Give the top of the Whispi a slight turn so that it springs open. When you press the pump, Whispi  releases essential oil scent molecules in the form of dry ambient air.

The puff of scented air created by Whispi is a vivid representation of the scent that’s infused in its patented foam core. The device is free from the use of heat, electronics, harmful chemicals, and propellants. The Whispi uses only fresh, dry air to release its calming blend oil scent.

Q2: What is inside the Whispi? 
A: The inside of the Whispi is a patented scent delivery system. This delivery system is made of a special foam that provides a powerful attraction to scent molecules. It absorbs and maintains scents and essential oil properties due to its unique, hydrophilic, and multi-layered surface area. This long-lasting, dry air scent technology absorbs and slowly releases the natural essential oils without chemical propellants, alcohols, or volatile organic compounds.

Q3: What is "dry air scent"?
A: Whispi’s dry air scent technology is a revolution in aromatherapy. Whispi infuses essential oil scent into the ambient air (the air that surrounds you) without aerosols, additives, heat, or electricity. The same dry air scent experience is recreated every time you pump the Whispi device.

Q4: How big is the Whispi?
A: The Whispi is very portable and can easily be kept in your pocket or purse. The dimensions are 2.25" x 75" diameter.

Q5: How long does a Whispi keep its scent?
A: The scent in Whispi can last for months or even years depending on how often you use it.

Q6: How many times should I pump my Whispi when I use it?
A: Every person is different, but in most situations, start with just a few quick pumps. You can always pump the device again if needed. The beauty of Whispi is you control when and how much you use it.

Q7: How far does the dry scent travel?
A: Whispi creates a highly personal scent experience which generally is undetectable within about a three-foot radius.

Q8: Is Whispi guaranteed to have a positive outcome when used?
A: While there is no guarantee, essential oils can have a therapeutic effect on mood and wellbeing on many individuals.