Bring Your Calm.

Whispi's DRY AIR SCENT™ technology is free of harmful chemicals or additives, requires no electricity to operate, and lasts for up to a year of regular usage.

The First of Its Kind


The first of its kind, Whispi produces a puff of dry infused air using no electricity, harmful chemicals, or additives. Aromatherapy meets sustainability with all-natural essential oils in scent delivery system that can last for months or even years.


Our calming blend of essential oils is here to help you through trying times. The mix of Lavender and Sweet Marjoram oils can help relieve stress and anxiety, alleviate depression, and even act as a mood stabilizer.


Whispi is a small, lightweight and portable scent delivery system. Pumping the Whispi activates its patented delivery mechanism which is infused with 2 to 3 drops of essential oil. You control when, where and how much scent you want to access.

When to bring your calm

Wellbeing Routines

Be it Pilates, yoga, meditation or biking, integrate a few puffs of Whispi’s Calming Blend into the rhythm of your regular wellness and mindfulness routines. Rest easy knowing that there is a world of calm at your fingertips.

Mask Wearing

Mask-induced anxiety is a real thing for a lot of people. Do you struggle with feelings of claustrophobia or anxiety while wearing a mask? Pumping Whispi’s calming scent into your mask a few times can help ease the emotional discomfort.


For those expected and unexpected times that trigger anxiety, depression or other negative feelings, Whispi is ready to help. Just a few pumps of our Calming Blend can help provide the soothing effects and reset you desire.